We've teamed up with some great speakers!

A trend we have been noticing as of late at our EXPO's, is that folks are seeking education -- real education that they can use on a daily basis or in an emergency.   Sure, you've got some food and water stored up, you've got some gear, and even some extra ammo, etc.   But you realize that it is not enough.  Now you want "education".   Well, we are not ignoring this fact, but rather we are adapting to what you want and need, in order to help you be as prepared as you can in the event of an emergency.

Knowing exactly what everyone's needs are that attend our events is a tough call.  Therefore we attempt to choose some of the most well rounded and informative speakers that we can, most of whom come from our vendor ranks and who have a passion to help you with your preparedness needs.    In addition, several of our speakers make their livelihood as instructors for the exact topics they speak about at our seminars.

Although most of our speakers are on stage for  only about an hour at our events, we realize that this is not near enough time to get a "full education" on any specific topic.  Sure, there will always be many "nuggets" of information that you can certainly use and take home.   However, we encourage you to take your education one step further, and sign up with those speakers that offer courses or training outside of our EXPO's.   You wont' regret it, especially if the time comes that you need it!